The Calvary Connection

Our vision is called The Calvary Connection and consists of three areas of focus designed for the spiritual growth of the members of our church. The first is “Connect To God” and is our Sunday morning service. Our messages are straight from the Bible and will encourage you to personally connect to God through worship and the Word.

The second area of focus is “Connect To Others” by plugging in to a Community Group or small gathering of believers in homes or other places outside of the church building on a regular basis to build meaningful relationships where we are encouraged to follow Jesus, pray for one another, and reach out to others in our community.

The third part of our vision is “Connect To Ministry” by serving in some way where you are using the gifts God has given you to connect to one of our ministry teams or volunteering your time to serve in the community to help others.

In summary, Calvary Connection is Connect To God, Connect To Others, and Connect To Ministry. We believe if a person is strongly connected to God by faithfully coming to our Sunday morning service, connected to others in a Community Group, and connected to ministry by using their gifts to serve others, they will grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ!

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